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Safety and Security Consulting


With years of experience in corporate safety and security as well as risk management, we can examine our client’s assets to determine and identify areas of exposure. We can perform incident analysis and investigation for all safety and security related incidents and develop solutions. We can design safety and security protocols, plans, and systems and work with our client in implementing correct best practices, measures, and policies. We can also work with safety and security teams in place to develop and implement best practices and provide technical advice on security systems.

[ Risk Exposure | Incident Analysis | Best Practice | Technical Advice ]


Corporate Investigations


If a problem or complaint has come up at your company or municipality, a proper investigation can help you figure out what happened --- and what to do about it. It can also help your company or municipality avoid liability for employee wrongdoing. Let me help you plan the investigation, conduct interviews, gather documents and other evidence. I will then evaluate the evidence with you and conduct the follow up needed and assist you in taking the appropriate action. Our services will not only give you some protection from lawsuits relating to the investigation and provide a written record in case of future misconduct by the same actor. Types of investigations we can conduct include, but are not limited to corporate fraud, embezzlement, insurance fraud, sexual and other harassment, and social media use inquiry. 

[ Employee Misconduct | Due Diligence | Integrity Investigations | Theft and Fraud ]


Pre-employment Screening


When you are about to make an offer or hire a prospective employee, you want to make sure they are who they say they are, and have the credentials they say they do so there is nothing that can shed a negative shadow on your organization. With proper employment and education verification, address and social security tracing, applicant and professional reference interviews, professional licensing and sanction verification, social media use screening as well as criminal, sex offender, adult and child protective service checks, and motor vehicle record checks, we can provide you with the most accurate data on the applicant so you can make the right hiring decision. 

[ Previous Employment Tracing | Education Verification | Professional Licensing Verification]


High Risk Terminations & Workplace Violence


If you are concerned about the potential for violence and/or retaliation, we can offer support and planning prior to the termination, a presence during the termination and surveillance after the termination to monitor the individual’s activities. In this new world of everyday workplace violence, we can work with you to tailor solutions to best fit your organization.    

[ Security Presence | Individual Surveillance | Safe Termination ]


Claims Investigation & Insurance Fraud


Unfortunately, claims investigation is needed because insurance fraud is rampant in our country. It is proven that fraudulent claims cost the insurance industry billions of dollars annually. Eventually, this expense makes it way to the consumer, you. With a proper investigation, we can work to help reduce the significant cost of property and casualty insurance fraud. We can assess the validity of a claim and assist in eliminating fraud.   

[ Injury Surveillance | Casualty Fraud | Liability Claim Fraud | Personal Injury Schemes]


Witness Development


As a retired criminal investigator, I know one of the first steps in any investigation and subsequent preparation for a civil or criminal trial is identifying witnesses who could be called to testify in court. Let our services help develop witnesses in your cases and determine if they are a best fit for your case strategy.   

[ Witness Development | Court Preparation | Case Strategy ]


Welfare Checks


Do you need us to check on someone? We can conduct an activity check which consists of conducting a check at a residence or specified location. This location is typically derived from intelligence that the investigator has gathered, or a location provided by the client themselves. In some cases, these are also called “Health and Welfare” checks, which are done in good taste to ensure that a person or location is alive and well.

[ Activity Check | Location Investigation | Health and Welfare ]


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