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 About Me 

Principal Owner Thomas E. Howell, Sr. 

From an early age, I always wanted to be a police officer. Growing up in Providence RI, I had an uncle who was a career Providence Officer. He was very impressionable, especially when he showed up on his police motorcycle and dress uniform. It was these early memories that sparked my desire to become a police officer. I attended college and received a Bachelor of Science degree from Roger Williams College. There, I met many others like me who had this passion for this profession. The relationships I made there eventually brought me to Vermont.


Coming to Vermont

In 1984, I, along with several college mates and friends from Rhode Island, came to Vermont to test for the State Police as well as the Burlington Police. You see, back in those days, being a police officer was a very desirable career. In February 1985, I was offered a position and selected by the Burlington Police to attend the Vermont Police Academy in Pittsford. Several of my friends were selected for the Vermont State Police at that time. While I was cutting my teeth in law enforcement in Burlington, I got to know many who were on the State Police. It wasn’t long before the lure of the big green hat, and some coaxing from the property manager at our apartment complex, whose husband happened to be a State Police Lieutenant at the time, that I was hooked. It is also important to note that through all this, I managed to get married to the young woman I had been dating for a few years and who I am proud to still call my wife over thirty five years later. It is really this relationship that supported my career and is responsible for the success I am today. In February 1987, I became a Vermont State Trooper.


Vermont State Police

My initial duty station was the Troop A St. Albans barracks. Because of my previous experience in Burlington, I was asked to serve as a Trooper in the old Troop A Grand Isle Outpost from 1987-1990. Working in the outpost meant you covered an entire county of five towns, worked alone most times, had an office at home and learned how to become the best communicator you could. I started to work on my investigative skills. Back then, most investigation interviews took place right in your cruiser, roadside. Keep in mind, back then to serve as a Vermont State Trooper meant you were proficient in all areas of law enforcement and had to work independently and most times without direct supervision. It was the greatest position one could have in my books.    


I transferred to Bethel barracks and eventually served in the Troop E Plymouth/Hartland Outpost from 1990-1995. It was there I began to hone my criminal investigative skills. I was selected to be a Child Abuse and Neglect Investigator, handling some real tough cases. I became a Field Training Officer and had my eye on the then Hostage Negotiation Unit. I thought this would be a great place to further my investigative and active listening skills. Finally, all my hard work paid off. I passed the Sergeants promotional exam. I was selected to come to the Northeast Kingdom (I really did not know what this was at the time) as a Troop B Derby Sergeant/Patrol Commander, where I served from 1995-2004. I supervised a team of Troopers on a shift and got to have a hand in the development of some real first-class Troopers who went on to have great careers. But something was missing, the investigations. 

Vermont Attorney General’s Office


In July 2004, I was offered a position as a Criminal Investigator in the Vermont Attorney General’s Office.   Typical investigations included violations of public trust and corruption, embezzlement, financial fraud, elder abuse, child sexual abuse, computer crimes, environmental crime, homicide, and a variety of white-collar crimes. All these investigations were complex and required a high degree of independence with direct reporting to the Criminal Division Chief Prosecutor. It was what I was looking for and was a highlight of my career. This brought me to state retirement in December 2009.


Jay Peak Resort/Burke Mountain Resort


In February 2010, I was hired as a security coordinator for a small resort which was about to become a world class destination. Over the last ten years, the position and my role at the resort has grown and has evolved. I currently serve at the director level with the responsibility for two four season resorts in Vermont. I am responsible for oversight, direction, and supervision of the issues of safety, operational risk management and insurance, claims investigation, loss control and mitigation, employee injury prevention, guest, and employee security as well as guest and employee transportation. I also work closely with to direct all violations of personnel policy. I have the oversight for the planning and development of operational public safety and emergency response. I also provide leadership, advice, and counsel from line management to corporate management on risk management and security policy and practices and seek to identify risk exposures. I perform incident analysis/investigation for all safety and security related incidents and develop solutions in coordination with senior management. I serve as a liaison and coordinate investigations and prosecutions with state and federal agencies. It is my responsibility to ensure secure facilities by developing and maintaining surveillance and access control systems, surveying, and testing alarms, and responding to any and all emergencies on the properties.


All in all, I have over thirty-five years of an effective and commended law enforcement and resort safety and security career in Vermont. My career has afforded me to gain experience and training in many aspects of criminal and civil investigation, personnel evaluation, departmental budgeting, crime prevention, security safety and risk management principles. While doing so, I was able to work in coordination with and gain the respect of many local, state, and federal civil and law enforcement agencies as well as those in the security, safety, and risk management professions. I continue to strive for excellence and continued development to best serve.


So, here we are. I have had a long and wonderful law enforcement and corporate safety/security career. Now, I want to put this all this experience to work for you. I know we have the professional services you are looking for. Feel free to reach out and we can discuss your needs. 


Thank you,


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